NIDEC GPM is among Germany‘s innovation leaders.

On behalf of the F.A.Z.-Institut, Prognos analyzed the patent applications of 33,000 companies operating in Germany for the study "Germany's Leader in Innovation". Not only was the number of patents evaluated, but also their relevance. NIDEC GPM belongs to the top group of innovative companies in Germany!

This analysis is based on the patenting activities of companies and research institutions. Patents provide a more far-reaching insight into the research activities of companies and research institutions than any other data source can provide. They provide a unique, highly differentiated picture of the nature and technological field of innovation and its inventors. Last but not least, it should be borne in mind that the field of industrial research and development is often subject to strict secrecy. In many cases, patents are the only publicly available source of a detailed description of companies' research and development activities.

Innovation leaders are specific companies and research institutions. They can be characterised by two central characteristics:
-They are highly innovative.
-Their innovations significantly influence the corresponding field of innovation.

They lead the innovation competition. The innovativeness and leadership of companies in Germany are measured by two metrics that are well established in the literature:

-Leadership - how strongly does an invention influence other inventions? For each patent family we count the number of citations by other patent families, the so-called forward citations. The more often a patent family has to be cited by other patent families, the more strongly this invention influences and thus leads.

-Novelty/innovativity of the invention - to what extent can an invention differ from previous inventions? We count here how often a patent family cites other patent families - the so-called backward citations. The less often a patent family has to cite other patent families, the newer and more innovative the invention. These two metrics form the core of the identification of German innovation leaders.


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