State-of-the-art production conditions for first-class products.

We always maintain a clear focus on our own intention to manufacture only products that exceed expectations.

In our production processes, all the components that are necessary to produce outstanding results come together: the use of state-of-the-art equipment, our trained experts, first-class automation and our exemplary quality management system.

In addition to classic machining, assembly and testing, we also manufacture using two-component silicone coating, laser welding, vacuum impregnation, residual dirt and noise analysis technology and cleanroom production to ensure dependable results.

The process matrix is stored in the form of a company-wide network which is subject to continuous further development and gives all our employees access to current process cycles, procedural instructions and forms.

The NGPM management system combines quality and environmental aspects in equal measure. Defect prevention measures are applied in the process of development, planning and series support using such modern methods as FMEAs and lessons learned procedures. Where the target is always "0 defects". Our NGPM Quality Management System is certified to IATF 16949:2016. A further component is the continuous improvement process involving lean management methods and daily attention by management to further development on the shop floor.

Last but not least, the customer's wishes are understandably always decisive in production and manufacturing.