Vision 2030

We apply ourselves on a daily basis to improving the future.

We are well aware of the fact that the NIDEC Group – as the world's number one electric motor manufacturer – bears a global responsibility towards the environment and we treat that responsibility with the utmost respect.

This is why sustainable environmentally friendly improvements are key priorities in our work today, more than ever before – and are integrated in our positive vision of the future.

Within the company, we apply carefully managed strategies in terms of environmental protection with a view to saving resources and avoiding unnecessary pollution and waste. This becomes visible through such activities as our responsible, conscious handling of waste and the use of photovoltaic alternative energy. The sustainability of our environmental protection concerns is reflected in principle in our products in the oil and water pump ranges. For many years, improved performance coupled with low consumption has played a key role in research & development. With an eye on the future, we intend to achieve further fuel and CO2 savings in vehicles.

By applying a holistic environmental management system demonstrate repeatedly that we not take environmental protection seriously, we have established its principles in the way we think and work every day. A little more every day. For perspectives in harmony with our planet.