Careers at NIDEC GPM.

What drives NIDEC GPM? Global megatrends – and people like you!

The most important thing right from the start: our intention is to inspire you, show you what being part of our team means and encourage you to join us soon. That is why we are not presenting a modest, laid back view of NIDEC, but as what the company really is: an innovation-driven pacesetter with ambitious growth targets. This is an invitation to you to grow with us. Professionally and personally. In a team that pulls together to make jointly held dreams come true. These are dreams that deal with such current topics as electrification, CO2 reduction and autonomous driving. And for the chance to work with the latest technologies, to drive innovation projects forward and make a real difference to the outcomes.

Our working world


From Merbelsrod out into the wide world.

For us, being a global player and running the company like a family is not a contradiction in terms. Our intercultural teams work closely hand-in-glove.

As a result of the integration of our business with our parent company, you can experience a working environment that is characterised by an exciting mix of typical local and Japanese corporate culture. Our intercultural teams are unusually versatile and inspiring, because we combine the best of both working worlds in a close interaction of European and Japanese employees – and maintain a friendly, family atmosphere in which you can really feel at home.

As an international community with high standards, we are passionately involved and face every new challenge with palpable enthusiasm and a considerable portion of commitment. We enjoy intellectually demanding activities and are not afraid of hard work. When we do something, we start the task immediately and work on it without delay until we have completed it. Do you think and work the same way? Then it's time you got in touch with us!

Our values as an employer

Growing internationally

We are a global player on course for growth. Our dynamism and innovative capabilities make a significant contribution to our long-term global market leadership in electric drives. The integration of our four European subsidiaries into the Japanese parent company ensures fresh impetus and new, exciting challenges in our working environment every day. Associated with this is the opportunity for professional and personal development.

An intercultural family

By promoting technical, interdisciplinary and cultural exchange and cooperation between our employees in Europe and Japan, both groups are able to contribute their respective strengths, which has enabled a powerful team to develop. This foundation forms the ideal breeding ground for each to contribute his or her own ideas and innovations. But the best of both worlds has even more to offer: at NIDEC, you work simultaneously within a Japanese, globally active major corporation and, at the same time, in a regionally established company where the work ethic is based on mutual respect and trust. A friendly, family-like relationship with one another is an integral part of both our European and Japanese corporate cultures.

Promoting staff responsibly

Flat hierarchies, fascinating career opportunities, high safety standards in the workplace and an environment in which people noticeably and visibly enjoy working together promote the quality of work and life of every single employee. Daily challenges, the opportunity to play an active role and individual opportunities for further training guarantee variety and personal development.

Technologically demanding

NIDEC offers you the opportunity to contribute to the success of diverse, exciting and challenging innovation projects in a state-of-the-art technological environment – the responsible development of engines and drives for vehicles of all classes in the automotive industry, for example.

Connecting people

Our unusually close cooperation style is characterised by the will to become better together as a team and to make dreams come true together. This is not only about taking the NIDEC company up to the next level, but also every single employee. This inner drive is evident in the helpfulness and loyalty of our employees and results in an open, trusting and solution-orientated communication culture.