The NIDEC Group

Setting standards with NIDEC and a worldwide competence network.

Since 2015, NGPM has been operating as part of the NIDEC Corporation. With over 327 subsidiaries in 43 countries of the world, the Group is the largest manufacturer worldwide of electric motors.

The Nidec Group is the world's leading engine manufacturer, which handles everything "that turns and moves" - from miniatures to giants. What sets the Group apart is that each individual company strives for even higher growth and improves its technical capabilities as well as its competitive advantage.

Three key value principles have significantly shaped the identity and strength of the NIDEC Group for 40 years:

1. Passion, enthusiasm and tenacity
2. Working hard and smart
3. Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it it is finished.

All subsidiaries follow these principles, thus implementing the leading slogan "all for dreams".

We are proud to be part of the Group. These ideal conditions within this outstanding competence network make it possible to systematically expand our development competence and competitiveness in the field of electrification as well.

We are convinced that the way is paved for NGPM to continue to demonstrate its unique innovative strength in the future. Just as we have been doing continuously for 80 years with the development of systems in engine cooling and lubrication.