Truck products

Cooling systems

We are driven by an ambition to make maximum efficiency a hands-on experience – above all with our coolant systems. Our water pumps are the best proof of our commitment to this high standard.

Mechanical water pump

Constant water pump

Constant water pump for trucks

Our centrifugal water pump is a first-class example of the rotary pump principle. A rotating impeller makes use of centrifugal force to transport fluids, which, in turn, ensures maximum efficiency.

Controlled water pump

Controlled water pump for trucks

This belt-driven coolant pump is an example of the principle of a centrifugal volute pump. While centrifugal force is used to transport the fluid, the electrically controlled clutch allows direct adaptation to the V-belt pulley speed at the impeller.

Oil systems

Our capability in the field of oil systems is equally evident in the truck market and we supply pumps whose components guarantee maximum performance with a high degree of efficiency.

Mechanical oil pump

Constant oil pump

Constant oil pump for trucks

A crucial feature of these pumps is their low weight. The compact design is another advantage that makes this oil pump a first-class choice for supplying oil to engines.