Variable water pumps

Innovative designs for flexible solutions.

The new, variable pump systems are directly connected to the engine control unit and regulate volume flow. Successful series production start-ups and numerous patent registrations confirm NIDEC GPM’s technological leadership in this field, too.

PSF (Pneumatically Switched Flow): the digital control function for mechanically driven pumps with installation space compatibility in the belt drive.

ECF (Electro-hydraulically Controlled Flow): water pumps with infinitely variable, electro-hydraulic volume flow control; suitable for the smallest installation spaces in the belt drive.

Semi-axial pumps with adjustable ball valve: for high speeds and small installation spaces; low-cost; volume flow control function via valve technology.

Coolant distributor pump: the central mechatronic unit of the future thermal management system (including bypass and heating control system).

Belt-driven variable water pumps with visco clutch or 2-stage clutch for use in the commercial vehicles sector.

ECF/HD: infinitely variable supply quantity control for commercial vehicle water pumps.

Parallel-hybrid water pump system: parallel connection of a mechanical PSF/ECF primary pump and an electrical secondary pump with return blocking function; appropriate cooling, waste heat utilisation, option of an electrical boost function for small speeds, installation space saving and weight saving.